Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Pampering Set

Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Protecting Softener = 60g
Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Refining Shea Scrub = 220g
Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Nourishing Shea Cream = 85g


This product is not currently available online. Contact your Independent Beauty Consultant to check availability.

This three-step, spa-like treatment revitalizes and rejuvenates the look of hands, so they feel renewed and instantly look healthier.
  • Instantly, hands feel moisturized, soft and smooth.
  • Hands feel revitalized, soothed and protected.
  • Fragrance-Free Refining Shea Scrub and Fragrance-Free Nourishing Shea Cream pamper hands with shea butter.
  • Makes a great gift for her, especially brides.

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