Enchanted Wish® Eau de Toilette



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This whimsical, fruity-floral scent is inspired by women who find enchantment in the everyday.
  • Top notes: granny smith apple, orange oil Brazil, white pineapple, candied petals
  • Middle notes: stargazer lily, peony, fresh ozone, passion fruit
  • Bottom notes: brown sugar, warm amber, illuminating musk
  • Makes a great gift for her

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Enchanted Wish® Eau de Toilette

喷洒在任何位置。 香水通常涂抹在脉搏处。 脉搏是最靠近血管的肌肤位置(手腕、耳后、喉咙底部、肘部内侧、膝盖后方和脚踝内侧)。 这些区域的体温较高,可以促使香水的挥发,提供更好的感官体验。

让香水雾接触肌肤。 如果该区域感觉潮湿,可能是您把瓶子靠得太近。一旦释放前调,您将在几分钟内开始闻到满满的香味。