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"The definition of a successful person is simply an ordinary person with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep a determined person from success. If you place stumbling blocks in her way, she will take them for stepping-stones and will use them to climb to new heights. The one who succeeds has a goal, a dream, and makes her plans and follows them." ~ Mary Kay Ash

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Jane Lee Ean Tin - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

I joined Mary Kay back in June 2005. Throughout my journey in Mary Kay, I achieved many diamond rings, 2 pink career cars, and achieved luxury overseas trips with my husband every year. The support and encouragement from teachers, company's staff, and Mary Kay's sisters have helped me to be persistent in my career and achieve my goals. Today, I am one of the independent sales force leaders in Mary Kay and I get to help and enrich other women. If you want to achieve your Mary Kay dreams; pursue your dreams and be fearless in the face of challenges and difficulties and be willing to give of yourself wholeheartedly!
Nafisah Omar - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

I left a stable corporate career to focus on my Mary Kay career and I haven't looked back since. With hard work and determination, I'm able to create a better quality of life for my family, earn a lucrative income and enjoy a debt free life! I would like to pass on the Mary Kay legacy and enrich women's lives by sharing the benefits of Mary Kay products and opportunities. After five and a half years with Mary Kay, I achieved many diamond rings, a Pink Career Car, Asia Pacific Red Jacket Retreat in Hang Zhou, Top Director Trips to Switzerland, German, Paris and South Africa with my beloved husband and much more. I also learnt to appreciate everything in my life and those around me. I feel thankful to God for what He has decided and planned for me in my life. By practicing the Mary Kay values in my life, I am becoming a better person each day. As Mary Kay Ash said, there is no "Magic Formula" for success. We are simply ordinary women with an extraordinary determination. If I can do it, you can do it too!
Nurul Shakirin Lewis - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

10 years ago I joined Mary Kay as a Beauty Consultant because I loved how the product helped improve my poor skin condition. I also fell in love with the philosophy of God First, Family Second, Career third as I was a single mom then and spent most of my time away from my young daughter in order to survive financially. Today, am proud to be an inspiration to my team members and community, proving that a woman can "have it all". Despite many personal setbacks and challenges, I am proof that if one has faith and perseveres you can achieve your goals.
Robiah Bt Huri - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

I was a business owner before I joined Mary Kay. At that time, my business was merely enough to sustain and overtime, it didn't generate much profit but only losses. Then, I began to look elsewhere for an alternative and I decided to join Mary Kay with a minimal start-up capital. My business with Mary Kay started to grow and I'm grateful to that my life was also changed completely for the better. Mary Kay has given me the personal development that I need, the freedom of time and money, and also I was awarded with many luxurious trips. The support that Mary Kay gave me and the sisterhood support has contributed tremendously to my success today.
Rosidah Binti Santan - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

I joined the world of Mary Kay in 2008 as a part-timer. I did Mary Kay activities only on weekends since I'm still serving with the government as a General Clerk. Initially, my Mary Kay business ran a bit slow due to time constraint. However, I kept on going consistently and never stopped. Due to my consistency and hard work, my achievements and unit keep growing. My life and my family have totally changed. I was able to achieve success that I could never think of before. I was a Pink Car Achiever, owned a few diamond rings, went for a vacation while learning in Hangzhou and also was able to bring my husband to go for holidays in Greece and Turkey. Everything was given free as rewards from Mary Kay Company. I was very proud and grateful that an ordinary woman like me was able to achieve huge success together with Mary Kay. Since that, I believe that every woman regardless of education background, occupation etc. can achieve success in Mary Kay as long as they are willing to put more effort and work hard.
Salinda Salim - Independent Executive Senior Sales Director


Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

Mary Kay is a Career. You must wonder why a career? Well, my decision to join Mary Kay back in 2002 was the right decision even though at that time I was only looking at it as a part time business. After I lost my job in 2004, I began to go full time with Mary Kay. At that time, not only I was able to cover my income, it tripled up from my previous salary. Besides that, my dream to own a house became a reality when I took only 3 years to cover the bank loan of 20 years. How amazing! Besides needing to save money for family trips, now I'm able to bring my family for more frequent trips. Mary Kay once said “You must help as many women out there to achieve their DREAM, and then only you will achieve yours”. I live by these strong words of hers every single day.

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