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"The definition of a successful person is simply an ordinary person with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep a determined person from success. If you place stumbling blocks in her way, she will take them for stepping-stones and will use them to climb to new heights. The one who succeeds has a goal, a dream, and makes her plans and follows them." ~ Mary Kay Ash

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Senior National Sales Director

“I was a bank manager before I joined Mary Kay. My days were filled with hectic schedule and long working hours, work life balance is a complete myth to me. I often put in extra hours in my job, soon I realized it was a bad idea as I was putting my health at risk and I’m drifting further away from my family, especially my young children. ” She continues, “And during that time, my skin was dull and unhealthy due to my busy lifestyle, I had no time to take care of my appearance, needless to say about choosing the right skin care products. I was introduced to Mary Kay skin care products through my colleague when I noticed her skin condition has improved. That’s when I started to try on my very first TimeWise® Miracle Set®, to my amazement, not only it did wonders on my skin, but to my life as well.”

A New Beginning
The decision of becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant was made after her positive product experience which opened her eyes to Mary kay business opportunity. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of a new chapter in her life. “It struck me that a successful career requires devotion, so does a successful and healthy family relationship. I know that young children demand for much love and attention from their parents. But raising children and building up career often collide. Is there a solution? Yes. I found my answer in Mary Kay. The flexibility of this business allows me to earn while taking care of my children which is an extra bonus I didn’t have before. At the same time, I feel fulfilled and contented as I am able to enrich other women’s lives and help them to reach their goals.”

A Passion to Success
“After years of working on my Mary Kay business, I found out that this business is more than selling skin care and make-up products, we are in a business of inspiring and empowering women, to help them regain confidence, improving self-development and discovering self-worth. ” When asked about her secrets to success, she said “Firstly, you must love what you do, therefore having passion in your work is very important, it infuses energy and motivation in your every action. I also believe that consistency, personal discipline are solid indicators for success. I highly recommend weekly plan sheet and create your To Do List daily, which helps to consistently monitor our progress and make necessary adjustment if needed.”

The Mary Kay Culture
“In Mary Kay, I also learned that our actions and words have a huge impact in other’s lives too, therefore I always believed in the Golden Rules. I learned to be more understanding and put myself in others shoes, see things from their perspective and be more mindful in words. The biggest change in my life, I would say is that, I am now a more caring person, I have become a better listener, I am more tolerant, I pay more attention to my team, I listen to them and also to their unspoken words. I have learned not to come with preconceived notions, and I don’t ‘make it about me’. That is what’s so beautiful about the Go-Give spirit, it allows you to appreciate others and to make them feel important.”

Words of Advice to New Independent Beauty Consultant One piece of advice she has for other independent beauty consultants is to persevere in your business, be disciplined in doing your daily personal work, be consistent and simply work hard! “There will be happy moments and there will be sad moments. That’s life. But if you set your goals, stay focused and take steps each day to achieve those goals, you will eventually reach there.”


Senior National Sales Director

Timing is everything. When the newly debut Independent National Sales Director Jane Lee was introduced to Mary Kay in 2005, she was just an ordinary lady who lacked confidence and was always searching for purpose in life. “I was working in the hairdressing industry before I entered the journey as a stay-at-home mother,” she said. “The dull life as a housewife has made me gradually lost interest in life, and my social network was getting smaller, I had no friends!” Jane knew something had to change – but how? One day while Jane travelled back to her hometown, she met her long lost classmate whom then invited her to attend a Skin Care Class after knowing her conditions. “That was the first time I met my current mentor – Grace Kao, and I was instantly drawn by her charm and her happy-go-lucky attitude! As she shared her income, I was intrigued as I barely had any income that time!”

What has changed in your life?
In 2005, I joined as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I looked like any ordinary housewife and felt unattractive back then, but now I look completely different, I am more confident with my appearance and my skin, thanks to Mary Kay’s wonderful products! Apart from that, I found myself surrounded by supportive women in this beauty career and constantly praise me to success. I used to be a pessimist but now I no longer have negative thoughts running in my mind, I am more enthusiastic towards life, feeling happier and contented than ever!

What were your challenges when you first joined Mary Kay?
I had very low self-confidence, it was hard for me to speak publicly in front of everyone. Fortunately, Mary Kay is a company that empowers women in every aspect whereby there is a great education system to provide you the necessary knowledge that will equip you and guide you through your business. We were not restricted by our education or social background. We got all the education for free! The first few months were tough as I had no idea on how to make a booking, but I started my first class with my maid at home with only one goal in mind – to make her look pretty. I felt happy and the satisfaction from making others look beautiful has stirred up my passion in beauty, hence I continue doing Skin Care Class with people around me and there was where I slowly built up my confidence and started to expand my social network. I did it by sharing my heart and have sincere conversations with my customers. What’s more, just simply follow the proven formula – POWER 10!

What is your secret of success in Mary Kay career?
Skin Care Class is the key to success of all Mary Kay businesses. Therefore, develop a good working habit is essential in building your business. When I first started my Mary Kay business, I used weekly plan sheets to set a weekly goal to make sure I stay on the right track and have enough appointments. Now I use it to better arrange my personal life schedule and also keep track on my business appointments. If you are wondering whether I practice POWER 10, I can assure you, yes I did! It is a proven formula to work your business. Now my business is expanding, I have turned the 333+1 formula to 555+2 formula in order to keep pace with my growing business. It’s not always easy, but you can do it. Consistency is the key to success!

Can you please share your philosophy of life with Mary Kay sisters?
Through Mary Kay business, you will reap eight balances in life, which includes personal development, beauty and self-confidence, financial independence, happy family, achievements, relationship, health and recreational, wisdom and peace. I always share the benefits of eight balances in life with others. And of course, Mary Kay’s Golden Rule where you treat others with a sincere heart without expecting any returns. I carry this value dearly while carrying out the mission of enriching women’s lives and live it as the foundation of my career.

My dear sisters, persevere and accomplish your dreams, hold on to your faith, because your determination is the force that drives you forward and realize all your dreams! Let us continue to pass on the Mary Kay mission, spread the love of Mary Kay!


Senior National Sales Director

Get to know National Sales Director – Robiah Binti Huri
She always wears a smile on her face, looking demure and humble. Behind that sweet smile, lies bravery and courage, grit and determination to push through challenges and become wildly successful. She’s none other than, Independent National Sales Director, Robiah Binti Huri.

Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies.
Raised by a single parent, her mother was jobless and barely had any income to support the family. At a young age, she learnt the importance of money and strived to break the poverty cycle in her life.

She got married at the age of 22 years old and became a housewife. Her husband was the sole bread winner in her household. She knew that she could do more than just being a housewife, so she started to invest in a small business to ease her family’s burden. Her resilient attitude and entrepreneurial spirit was her key to success in expanding her business, which led her to own seven outlets in just a few years’ time.

Although she earned a lucrative income from her business, however, things did not go as planned. There were changes in the management which affected her business. She had to close a few of her outlets one by one as she could not afford to maintain the operational expenses. She knew she had to look for an alternative source of income and tried investing in other businesses but to no avail. That caused her to lose most of her savings and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

A leap of faith
It was later that Robiah’s good friend, Executive Senior Sales Director, Norfiza Mahput shared the Mary Kay business opportunity with her. She was skeptical towards direct selling industry in the beginning and had no confidence in the business. Norfiza told her that she only needed to purchase a ‘Starter Kit’ to start off her business.

“Every woman joins Mary Kay with different reasons, including me. I realised that Mary Kay isn’t just about selling products, it is a platform for self-discovery, to discover your inner potential, to discover the true meaning of life, to empower women and help them achieve success in life. As for me, I wanted to change my life, to change the lives of women who share the same adversity as me, to empower them with ability to live independently, to achieve financial independence and end poverty.”

The Mary Kay Life
What I love most about this career is the Mary Kay values. One of the values that I like most is Balanced Priorities: Faith First, Family Second and Career Third. The flexibility of this career allows me to work around the schedule. I’ll make sure that I spend enough time with my family whenever I can. I’m grateful that I was able to take care of my mother and spent every precious moment with her, up until her very last breath.

Besides that, I managed to pay off all of my debts with my Mary Kay career. Now, I’m enjoying a financial freedom life! This is the dream that I’ve been chasing since young. I couldn’t believe that I’ve made it! I am truly grateful that Mary Kay Ash prepared the perfect platform to enrich women’s lives. In Mary Kay, regardless of your background, everyone CAN succeed!”

Secret to Success
“Always work with a sincere heart. It’s not just about selling products; our mission is to enrich women’s lives, achieve their dreams, and help them regain skin confidence. I love to see women pushed to their limits, build strength and confidence to be who they want to be. As Mary Kay Ash once said, remember that you can never obtain riches until you begin to enrich the lives of others. If you give the very best in whatever you do, the best will come back to you in a boomerang effect.

Throughout my Mary Kay career, I’ve learnt that in order to dream BIG, I need to step out of my comfort zone. Mary Kay’s culture and values shaped me to be who I am today and I will continue to hold these values in my business and my daily life. My greatest joy in this career is to witness the success of my fellow Mary Kay sisters. This sets us apart from others. I am just an ordinary woman with extraordinary determination, if I can do it, you can too!”


Senior National Sales Director
Discovered the Differences of Mary Kay
Prior to joining Mary Kay in 2003, she was a Financial Planner in insurance industry. “One day, two ladies came to my office and conducted a grooming class. I fell in love instantly on how they conducted the class and the brand philosophy they shared. To quench my curiosity about Mary Kay, I even bought the “Miracles Happen” book by Mary Kay Ash.” Thereafter, she decided to start Mary Kay business just after 3 days.

However, she suffered from low self-esteem due to bad skin conditions when she newly joined Mary Kay. Thanks to Mary Kay’s great products, her skin appearance improved. Her secrets weapons for looking like a perfect 30s: TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C®, TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine & TimeWise Repair® Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask.

The first-time Mary Kay selling experience was among the most memorable, and perhaps stressful in her Mary Kay career. Although she was able to close a RM600+ sales, she received harsh criticism from the hostess on her bad skin condition. “I called to my recruiter, she told me to remember that day because that would be my stepping stone to success.” Since that day, she handled criticism positively.

Values That She Holds Tight

The Mary Kay’s values of Balanced Priorities, Golden Rule and Go Give spirit were the reasons she was attracted her to the Mary Kay’s business opportunity. “This unique philosophy helped guide my business every day.” She worked hard to master the people skills in order to make others feel better in her space. Through this beauty journey, she was not only richer financially, but also spiritually as she upholds strongly the Golden Rule, Go Give spirit and Balanced Priorities.

A Zero-Sales Experience
Did you know that a zero-sales experience was one of the factor that helped her to move up her career path? “I had a skincare class with 15 women when I was a Red Jacket, and I started to estimate my sales before the class. However, I ended up having nothing because I was distressed waiting for my ‘payment’ to come in. It was at that moment I knew the importance of Go Give spirit. When we learn to generally give to those people without expecting them to do something in return, we win.”

On 1st of March 2018, her team organized a surprise party to celebrate her achievement as Senior National Sales Director. “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ALL of them, for their help, support and patience throughout these 15 years.”

Facing Challenges Makes Her Stronger
The biggest obstacle that she encountered in her Mary Kay career life was low self-confidence. “Confidence is very important in life. Without it, you will not be able to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.” Therefore, she never stop learning. “When you learn more, you know more. You will be a lot more confident about yourself.” Her next goal will be helping her off springs to become National Sales Director.


National Sales Director
Suhaida or more fondly known as Sheila, discovered Mary Kay opportunity on her own as opposed to being approached by the Mary Kay seniors. “One day, my direct superior in my ex-company told me that my skin didn’t look good. I was stricken by it and decided to do something about it. So, I started to google the best skin care solution online. Guess what! Mary Kay appeared right at the top and I also heard that one of my friend was also running the Mary Kay business. Without a second thought, I approached her personally.”

“I fell in love instantaneously with Mary Kay® products, but didn’t think the Mary Kay opportunity was for me. What made me seize this opportunity was when my young daughter started to speak, she called me Aunty Sheila.” With this one little word, one tiny moment in her life, she found out that she failed to manage her time. She forgot her priority and she needed to change her life.

New Journey to Success
She started her Mary Kay business after she joined 2 unit meetings at the Mary Kay office and since then, she never stopped setting or achieving her goals. Like the ‘Energizer Bunny’, she moved along with remarkable drive, managed to debut as Sales Director within 7 months and even earned her first Pink Car within 15 months. “Since I debuted as Sales Director in August 2010, I have never missed the Top Director Trip,” she added.
Prior to joining Mary Kay, she had zero-knowledge on skincare and makeup. “I still remember I taught my guests to use moisturizer as the first step of skincare in my first beauty class,” she laughed. She knew that she needed to become self-motived, so she learned the beauty knowledge from beauty classes organized by the company, her seniors, and even via social media. Her Mary Kay business gave her the strength and the confidence to overcome those challenges and today she is proud to say that she is not only a beauty guru, but also an image consultant.

Determination and Passion
It was not easy for her to reach the top as an Independent National Sales Director. “My work addiction drove people around me into stress in 2015. I realized I needed to change my work methods which was smarter, not harder.” she recalled. After she changed her working attitude and behaviour, she was able to strengthen her team by debuting 9 offsprings in a year.

Her love for the Mary Kay business came from not only how much she earned in commissions, but also how it affected her family. “I love the Mary Kay’s core values of Balanced Priorities: Faith First, Family Second, Career Third. Now, I always have sufficient time with my husband and children. I can plan my time ahead and that’s really wonderful.”

Think Big
“Now, I have the best of both worlds,” she said, “The opportunity to raise an active family and manage a high-profile, extremely successful business, empowered me to continue to design the life that I love to live. I enjoyed the financial rewards and exotic trips around the world without the huge sacrifices that other businesses demand. Harmony and purpose filled my life and enriched my days. The well-put-together professional woman I once admired is now the woman in the mirror.”

As an Independent National Sales Director, she is passionate about recognizing her strong offsprings who made up her National Area. “Without them, I am nothing. It is an honour to represent them and I am truly humbled that they allow me to help make a difference in their lives.”

The position of an Independent National Sales Director is the most privileged one in Mary Kay. She dedicated over 8 years of her life to rise to this well-deserved position. “I’ve opened a door and I hoped that women who see themselves on the Mary Kay career path will have the determination to follow their dreams. I believe that we are the light and inspiration for others to follow.” The enthusiasm of Mary Kay Ash is what kept her going in this business as the saying goes “Bukan Senang Nak Senang, Bukan Susah Nak Susah,” she said.


National Sales Director
Taking A Chance
“I still remember I joined Mary Kay beauty class because I wanted to learn makeup for free. I signed my Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement with the purpose to get the pretty Independent Sales Director’s Pink Suit!” joked Norrazean Abdul Rahman. “I never intended to actually work on my Mary Kay business until I attended ESRS.” Once she heard about the Mary Kay opportunities such as financial security, the first-class trips, and incredible prizes and more, she was all ears and fell in love with Mary Kay career opportunity.

Being the only Malay beauty consultant in SNSD Jane Lee’s unit in 2012, language barrier became one of the greatest obstacle for Norrazean. “Most of the unit meetings were conducted in Mandarin. The language barrier was the main communication issue. But, I insisted to attend the unit meetings because I loved the momentum during the meetings to keep myself motivated and focused.” One year later, she debuted as an Independent Sales Director. Obviously, language barrier did not stop her from moving up in Mary Kay career.

Effort Determines Success
Starting a new career is exciting, you have the passion, drive, and a zeal for the work. But, when you have been toiling in the same field for years, you may start to feel sluggish and demotivated at work. This happened to Norrazean too; she even planned to quit her Mary Kay career in 2015! However, she was unwilling to give up the sisterhood she gained in Mary Kay.

After a discussion with company, she started the adoption program by having NSD Suhaida Binti Sarif as her mentor to jump-start her fervour. “I travelled from Johor to KL to attend Suhaida’s meetings every month, listened to the challenges she gave and worked on it during the week. Working under her influence, I successfully gained my first pink car and debuted as Executive Senior Sales Director with 7 offsprings in 2016. I highly appreciate the enthusiasm and support shown by adoptee NSD Suhaida, even though we were from different regions and units.” she added.

Constant Determination
Once her senior Jane Lee debuted as NSD in 2017, it boosted her willpower and determination to become NSD too. “I worked my business every day, disciplined to try to hold 5 beauty classes a week, meet one-on-one with each new customer after each class to close sales and recruitment. I also travelled to other regions to provide personal coaching to my unit members.” After a year of hard work, Norrazean reached the top of Mary Kay journey as an Independent National Sales Director. “With all the team’s dynamics, this title of National Sales Director is our greatest achievement and it is dedicated to all of you.”

Carry On The Legacy
“What I enjoyed most was the Mary Kay sisterhood I have developed over the years, along with the genuine love, supports and care. The friendships built in this journey are priceless.” Norrazean says. “My business has taught me who I am and the personal growth that I have experienced far exceeded the monetary gains!”

“As an Independent National Sales Director, I want to make a difference in the lives of women because I cared about them - by supporting and influencing.” She realized now that being a National Sales Director gave her the opportunity to expand her circle of influence for that very purpose and to that end.

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